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Inca agriculture? The terraces of Moray

a fascinating place in a spectacular setting

The entrance of the archeological compound at Moray . All photos: Laurenz Bobke. The fields reminded me of Northern Italy, but there always are the ranges of the Andes in the background Fields, clouds and mountains  in Moray, near Cuzco (Peru)
Agricultural  terraces or a religious site of the Incas Circular terraces of Moray, Peru The Inca teraces look like an amphitheatre


The Incas were well known for their effective government, the impressive architecture and, especially, their agricultural skills.
Even today, the terraces used by the Incas can be seen everywhere in Peru.
Actually, experiments showed that using the ancient agricultural techniques can be more effective than today's agriculture, - at least on the slopes of the Andes.

Most terraces look a bit like Asian rice paddies, but there is a very special form of terraces found near the small village of Moray, about 60 km from Cuzco and 7 km from Maras.

These terraces are concentric circles. The theory most often heard is that they were used as a sort of agricultural laboratory by the Incas, but there also are other explanations like a religious use.

The place definitely has mystical quality, especially late in the afternoon, when shadows begin to fill the amphitheatre-like terraces.
Few people make it here as it is not part of the normal tour programs.

Apart from the peculiar terraces, the only major sight here is the beautiful landscape: the earth has a special ocre tone here and the Andes provide a spectacular backdrop for the fields.