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Photos of an Inca Fortress

Saqsayhuaman - the old Inca structure under a dramatic sky The tourists climbing Sacsayhuaman look tiny Parts of the temple fortress have been used as a quarry for  Cusco
Elvira looking down  from Saqsayhuaman - photos-0010a.jpg The rocks used in this sight can weigh up to 130 tons Zigagging walls of saqsaywaman
Saqsaywaman saqsayhuaman, altar The Istone slabs used in the Inca walls fit  perfectly

Sacsayhuamán, Saqsayhuamán, Saqsaywamán, Sacsaywamán - like with many other places with Quechua names, the spelling varies widely.
After all, the Inca empire did not leave a written tradition (with the exception of the knotted "quepu"-strings).
On the other hand, the architecture of this vast empire was highly developed and easily withstood many earthquakes.
The irregularity of the boulders used in the most important buildings was quite intentional and the individual slabs of stone fit together perfectly.
Looking at the strong walls situated ideally on a hill-top, it seems self-evident that this was primarily a fortress.
However, this is by no means clear and there are also many indications for a religious use, such as the general layout of the site and the altar.
In any case, Inca Manco Capac sought refuge in Sacsayhuaman, but could not successfully defend it against the Spanish cavalry.

Unfortunately, part of the complex was destroyed by the Spanish after Manco Incas defeat and many of the stones ended up in Cusco.

Pictures from Cuzco

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