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The Inca Capital

Plaza de Armas, Cuzco Threatening clouds over the cathedral the roofs of Cuzco seen from our hotel terrace red roofs a photo of the Plaza der Armas shot from a vantage point above it
steep stairs leading up a hill side entrance of the cathedral The Coricancha palace hotel lobby murals in the Royal Inca II hotel, Cuzco
fountains Cuzco Panorama Plaza de Armas at night Cuzco at night plaza de armas at night
Inca walls tourist shops and Inca wall Cuzco from above Cusco from above Hill and valley

Cuzco (or Cusco) used to be the capital of the Inca empire - actually, the name Qosqo means "navel of the earth".
In and around Cuzco, there are many impressive Inca ruins, such as the fortresses of Pisac and Sacsayhuamán,Ollantaytambo and Wiracocha.
Actually, the city already existed a long time before the rule of the Incas, but not much remains from that era.
In any case, the blend of Inca- and colonial architecture surrounded by hills and mountains is highly photogenic.
The same goes for the many terraces used for agriculture that also date back to Inca times. The most fascinating terraces are the round ones at Moray...

I also loved the colours of the Valle Sagrado near Cuzco - the landsacpe there sometimes makes you wonder whether you are in the altiplano or in Tuscany - at least until you see the next Alpaca!

The pictures above are impressions from Cuzco itself: the Plaza de Armas, the cathedral, the Koricancha place, Inca walls and views of Cuzco from above.

Soon, there will be additional galleries featuring the most important sights from the surroundings - so maybe it's a good idea to come back some time later!

I hope you liked my Cuzco-photos, if so, maybe you are interested in my other pictures from Peru?

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